Monday, April 15, 2013


So, yesterday I went to see my great grandfather's grave. Him and I were very close.

Anyway, I was trying to figure out how much weight I'll lose right after I give birth. It looks like I'll lose at least 11 lbs right off the bat(7-8 lb baby, 2 lb placenta, 2 lbs of amniotic fluid and extra blood). Then in the first week I'll start losing all the water weight, which will be 4-6 lbs. So I'm hoping I'll lose at least 15 lbs in the first 2 weeks.

While looking around I saw a post from a girl who gained around the same amount of weight as I did, and the second day of giving birth she was 31 lbs lighter! This is giving me a lot of hope!

I'm going to try and fast for at least 7 days, I say "try" because my grandmother may not allow it to last for 7 days, but I did get her approval for at least 3 days. Her an I will be going back to the gym a week after I give birth so I'm excited to start getting back in shape! I need to be at least 130 lbs by May 24th, when I go to Dorney Park. I'm determined to lose this weight.

I do have some stretchmarks on my tummy, I'll probably post a picture. I'll probably do a time lapse of my stretch marks because I'm going to try and make them a bit fainter. I have Palmer's Stretchmarks lotion, pure Shea body butter, Vitamin E oil, Mustela PostPartum intensive cream, Mustela Hydrating Lotion, pure Shea butter shower cream, pure Shea butter body scrub, a rough loufa(to exfoliate) andI will bee getting a body wash with cocoa butter.

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  1. nothing topical will get rid of or prevent stetchmarks- they occur in the underlying muscle tissue - it IS great that you keep your skin as moisturized as possible dispite that, though. skip the exfoliation BIGTIME - it contributes to visibility rather than helps.