Friday, April 12, 2013

Back From the Doctors

So, I had my doctors appointment this morning. They checked my cervix and said it was soft, but still closed. His head is also down, so that's good I suppose. They said my cervix isn't ready yet for me to be induced. I'm going back Tuesday afternoon to be checked again and I'm hoping it'll be different. It would be even better if I went into labor this weekend! I'm ready to give birth and not be pregnant!

I play the violin, and even though I'm finishing this school year online, May 16th is the orchestra concert at my school and I'll be in it. Then May 25th we are performing in a music festival and going to Dorney Park after, so I need to lose A LOT of weight by at least May 24th because I plan on wearing a tank top and shorts.

I weigh 171 lbs at this moment, so I went up 7 lbs and I don't understand how because I've actually eaten less than last time. My grandmother said it may just be water weight, but I know I've got some extra fat on me. I cannot weight to start dieting and exercising again.

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